Sales Director

David Patton is Sales Director for LaneAxis, as well as Senior Vice President and Partner of the Campbell Company, a manufacturers’ representative agency in Detroit, Michigan. For over 26 years, David and his agency have specialized in brand marketing, sales, long-term contract negotiations and international new product introduction into North America.

The Campbell Company is recognized in the Detroit area as one of the premier automotive manufactures’ agencies operating for over 40 years.

David’s Clients over the past 26 years have included:  United Technologies, Delphi Corporation, Lear Corporation, Alcantara, General Motors, TRW, Ford Motor, Magna International, ZFLS, Tesla Motors, the EPA, as well as numerous freight carriers.

David’s primary goal was designing strategic partnerships that offered clients and customers business relationships for life. Over his 26 years, David and his agency have booked over $1 billion in sales.

In 2008-2010, David led his clients into business saving diversification to help offset the automotive decline, leveraging cross-functional manufacturing processes into agriculture, defense, consumer products, etc.