Advisory Board Member

Kevin Morgan has a 35 year career manufacturing engineered components for the Rubber and Plastics industry. He grew up on wheat farm and went on to study engineering at South Dakota State University. He worked for several domestic and international corporations, including Southland Industries in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Duramax Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio. Dowty Seals Ltd, a UK company. A division of Dowty Aerospace moved Kevin and his family to San Diego, CA in 1992 accepting a general manager position of a new division; Dowty O-rings North American, which manufactured sealing components to the domestic automotive industry.

Kevin Morgan is currently president of start-up company Morgan Polymer Seals LLC which was incorporated in 1997. Morgan Polymer Seals has since grown to over 600 employees and manufactures powertrain (engine and transmission) sealing components for GM, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Audi, Porsche, Honda, Volkswagen and Land Rover. Morgan Polymer Seals is Ford Q1 and has received several annual quality and 100% on time delivery awards from General Motors.

Kevin also started a San Diego based sealing Division; Premium Seals LLC in 2003 which manufactures sealing components for high performance connectors, designed for harsh-environment motorsport, In-flight entertainment, galley and ceiling lighting for commercial air applications. Premium Seals also provides sealing solutions for today’s grounding challenges of composite aircraft. Other primarily sealing applications are used for aerospace and military applications in satellites, submarines, helicopters and fighter aircraft.

In 2004, Kevin along with his brother Greg Morgan purchased a $5 million per year composite extrusion operation in South Dakota that manufactures, High Density PE composite decking and co-extruded PVC railing systems that are used for residential and commercial building applications. Primary customers are 1 and 2 step distributors and are located in Australia, Israel and North America.

Kevin enjoys the opportunities and challenges that come with day to day operational involvement in three innovative customer focused businesses. He appreciates family time with his 4 adult children and 7 grandchildren. Kevin and his wife Stacie currently reside in Poway, CA.