Founder, Chief Executive Officer

As the odometer flipped from the 20th century to the 21st, Rick Burnett – a Trucking Logistics vet – had a vision. A bad one. He saw the entire freight industry rattling and sputtering, slowed by a reliance on old, inefficient Freight Management technology.

Rick saw a better road forward. Then he built one.

Having worked at all levels of the trucking industry, Rick pulled together an all-star team of transportation and tech experts focused on designing a groundbreaking, closed-looped Shipper/Receiver contract fully accessible by mobile and web. After a decade of research, collaboration – and waiting for technology to catch up – Rick unveiled LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management.

For the first time, using readily available technology, Shippers could see in real-time all available hauler capacity, as well as real-time visibility of individual load status. Utilizing mobile-based GPS tracking and cloud-based, patent-pending technology, Shippers could finally have unobstructed insight into shipment status, exception reporting, and signed bill of lading.

Back in the early 2000s, Rick realized the available technology was insufficient for the system he wanted to develop. Things began to change in 2010 with the introduction of the Federal Department of Transportation’s Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA2010) program. The expanded safety reporting and enforcement measures ushered in a new era of even tougher compliance management challenges for Shippers and Carriers.

Soon the dominoes began falling. The introduction of open application programming interface technology coupled with the near ubiquity and acceptance of smart phones had Rick convinced: it was time to launch LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management.

After more than a decade of dedication and careful design – Rick and his team of collaborators and strategic advisors are ready to drive the Trucking industry into a new age of efficiency and profitability.

email: rick@laneaxis.com