LaneAxis Research Mentioned in FinTech Media Site FreightWaves


Financial Technology website FreightWaves referenced LaneAxis research in a story about the trucking industry.

FreightWaves describes itself as the fastest growing media-site in trucking and logistics, covering emerging issues, breaking news, technology insights, and market commentary. FreightWaves provides thought leadership and editorial content focused on economic and innovative technology drivers for the freight transportation ecosystem.

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Press Release: LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management Beefs up for Brokers

Freight Tracking Platform Expands its Enterprise Suite of Services

Newport Beach, CA – LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management, a trucking logistics tool built to provide real-time visibility and efficiency over freight movements, is unveiling its next-generation platform with an eye toward freight brokers.

The robust upgrade gives brokers a wealth of efficiency tools designed to simplify operations, improve visibility, and cut costs. Through a single login, brokers can now manage their shipper and carrier relationships simultaneously, providing maximum convenience and transparency.

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San Diego Business Journal In-Depth Feature on LaneAxis VFM

The San Diego Business Journal, a leading voice on business news and trends in San Diego county, focused its influential spotlight on LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management with a feature story entitled “Software Could Shift Load for Truckers.”

“It’s a long road with nothing but prairie between Ogallala and North Platte, Neb.,” said reporter Brad Graves.

“What San Diegan Rick Burnett wants to offer, even on this lonely stretch of Interstate 80, is visibility.”

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LaneAxis Virtual Private Network Earns Praise

Islands International Consolidators, a freight forwarding company out of southern Florida, points to the broad benefits of the LaneAxis Virtual Private Network for 3PL providers. Read more

LaneAxis Virtual Private Network Service Featured in CCJ

Leading trucking industry magazine Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ) highlighted the LaneAxis Virtual Private Network platform in its September, 2016 print edition.

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August 9, 2016

3PLs stand to gain major efficiencies from White Labeled, fully customized and privately controlled freight network

SAN DIEGO, CA – LaneAxis, a pioneer in Virtual Freight Management, is expanding its suite of cost-saving logistics products with the introduction of “Virtual Private Network” Service (VPN). Designed primarily for Third Party Logistics providers, the VPN platform is a fully customized, white labeled, privately controlled freight network accessible via desktop and mobile app. The VPN platform gives 3PLs the power to create and control their own in-house Carrier and data network at a very low cost. LaneAxis streamlines day-to-day logistics operations by empowering 3PLs and Shippers to drill down to the Driver level for real-time core data, total shipment visibility, and complete information control.

“What we’re offering 3PLs is a true data engine and event management platform that gives them complete control over their entire process,” says Rick Burnett, LaneAxis CEO and Founder. “When you manage a large number of shipments on a day-to-day basis it’s phoning and faxing. So what LaneAxis provides is the ability for our tool to be implemented in-house so they can customize it, then we sit at the core of their data, captured down to the driver level.”

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DC Velocity Features LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management

DC Velocity, a leading multi-media magazine brand serving the specific informational needs of logistics and supply chain managers and executives, featured LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management in its June, 2016 issue.

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Live Trading News Interviews Rick Burnett Q&A with LaneAxis CEO Rick Burnett sits down for an in-depth interview with LaneAxis CEO and Founder Rick Burnett. The wide ranging interview touched on long-term plans for LaneAxis, including investment strategy, market positioning, and future development.

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Investment and Finance Expert Paul Ebeling of “Live Trading News” Weighs In On LaneAxis

In a piece published Monday on “Live Trading News,” respected financial analyst Paul Ebeling delivered his opinion on the LaneAxis platform:

“This Virtual Freight Management network matters, because it allows the Shipper and Carrier to interact directly, without a middleman, allowing both the Shipper and the Carrier to ultimately eliminate a significant cost component in the freight transportation chain.”

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NewsWatch TV Reviews LaneAxis: “Imagine the Efficiency”

VIDEO: NewsWatch TV, airing internationally on the Discovery Channel, reviews the LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management system.

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