Frequently Asked Questions

What is LaneAxis® Virtual Freight Management?

LaneAxis® VFM is a cloud-based, patent(s)-pending, end-to-end freight management platform that automates and streamlines the Broker/Shipper/Carrier relationship. LaneAxis provides direct, Real-Time visibility for users by generating essential core-data reporting. This unfiltered data results in total transaction transparency throughout every lifecycle, lowering cost and risk for Brokers and Shippers. The intuitive LaneAxis user interface provides real-time driver-level load tracking, real-time in-transit data, real-time digital proof of pickup and delivery, and automated digital archival record-keeping – in essence, the entire cradle to grave core data set.

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How does it work?

Accessible via desktop and smartphone, you begin by entering shipment details, including delivery locations, and you’re off and running. From there, assign loads to carriers and/or drivers, then track the entire shipment in real-time. 

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What makes LaneAxis unique?

While competitors brag about tracking dots on a map, LaneAxis goes further in its mission to be the most complete “Broker-Shipper-Carrier direct” freight management solution on the market. Only LaneAxis provides the full spectrum of performance management, predictive analytics, real-time tracking, real-time data, archival record-keeping, and a paperless workflow.

We also give Brokers and Shippers the ability to manage their own “in-house” network of small and independent Carriers, which comprises 97% of the trucking industry today – THE TRUE MARKET.

How much does it cost?

Brokers and Shippers invite their Carriers and Drivers to join LaneAxis for free. LaneAxis charges a per-load transaction fee to the Broker/Shipper.

Can LaneAxis integrate with existing software/systems?

Yes. LaneAxis is fully customizable and configurable. The software is built to easily integrate into existing dispatch/shipper systems. The app can also be integrated with existing hardware and software systems.  All relevant data is pushed out to the server, allowing for advanced analytics around Driver performance and compliance.

What’s in it for Carriers/Drivers?

A dramatically simplified process that eliminates paperwork and phone calls. Drivers are free to drive without distractions. 

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Is it difficult to get started?

Getting started couldn’t be easier. There are no upfront costs, no expensive hardware or software overhauls, and our LaneAxis demo videos walk you through setup to get you up and running quickly.

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Do I have to sign a contract to use LaneAxis?

No, LaneAxis does not require a contract to use our services. You will have to accept the LaneAxis Terms and Conditions agreement when you register. 

Are there ongoing maintenance costs?

Not to the LaneAxis user community. All system support and maintenance is provided for free by LaneAxis.

Is there IT support or resources readily available?

Yes. We provide help desk support for every shipment.

How does the Carrier/Driver get paid?

Once Proof of Delivery has been submitted via the “Verify Delivery” feature on the mobile application, the Shipper has the documentation necessary to pay the Carrier directly. The payment terms will follow the Shipper’s contract.

Who creates the Bill of Lading and Shipper invoice?

Brokers/Shippers enter the Load Manifest details into the system, which is sent electronically to the Carrier or Driver.  Shippers create the physical Bill of Lading, which is given to the driver upon pickup.  Carriers invoice Customers through their standard process.  All shipment documentation is immediately stored in the cloud and becomes part of the load history.

I’m a Broker/Shipper: How do I set up an account?

If you’re a Broker or Shipper, fill out our signup form and we’ll get you started setting up your account. The process only takes a few minutes. The setup wizard will ask you for basic contact information, provide options to invite your preferred carriers, and define your locations and suppliers. 

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I’m a Carrier: How do I set up an account?

Currently Carriers and Drivers must be invited by a Shipper to join their network. However, interested service providers are encouraged to sign up with LaneAxis for more information on ways to join our Carrier network.

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Why Now?

Because technology has finally caught up with Trucking, and LaneAxis saw this coming. We began research and development of a complete VFM solution over a decade ago, knowing that internet and GPS technology would eventually transform Trucking. 

Much in the same way that digital music and movies replaced CDs, DVDs, and VHS, or the way that online travel sites replaced brick and mortar travel agencies, LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management replaces inefficient and outdated logistics tools and middlemen – at a fraction of the cost. 

The future is now. Be the industry leader in your space and start saving to gain that competitive edge. 

Welcome to LaneAxis!