The High Cost of Clutter

Clutter is Costing you Money (and Sanity)

Going Paperless Can Boost Profits

All other things being equal, disorganization will always put an organization at an organizational disadvantage.

Let me re-state: Get organized or lose money.

In a 2010 study, Brother International estimated U.S. corporations lose $177 billion annually due to office clutter and disorganization. That figure accounts for time spent searching for misplaced paper documents, file folders, and personal items. Messy desks and banks of metal filing cabinets form sturdy foundations for cluttered workspaces. Offsite document storage represents a separate expense. The Brother report concludes the average professional wastes nearly two weeks per year – looking mostly for paper!


It’s just about here. And boy is it overdue.

Even today, American office workers print out approximately one trillion pieces of paper annually, according to the Wall Street Journal. That’s a lot of trees sacrificed in the name of fleeting usefulness and clutter fuel.

The good news is the amount of paper being used in offices is declining. For the last ten years, analysts have noted a one to two percent annual drop in the use of paper in U.S. offices. New scanning technologies, data capture advancements, and cloud storage solutions have contributed greatly to the decline in the use of paper.


“The cloud is the place to store documents!” says Jim Richter, LaneAxis Chief Technology Officer. “The cloud offers secure document storage where a simple browser can be used to edit and view the documentation from anywhere in the world using any device, as long as the user has the security required. You no longer have to worry about documents being on a local computer or laptop that may be stolen, or experience a hard drive crash or other disaster.”

Richter points out a little homework on your cloud storage provider goes a long way. Make sure they’re backing up your data, ideally across servers and regions. Choose a company that takes physical and network security seriously. Our friends at Logistics Management do a fine job of examining cloud security precautions in a piece entitled “Getting Value From the Cloud.”

The writing is on the digital wall, paper is on its way out.

“Paper has many issues that digital storage does not have,” adds Richter. “Things like getting yellow and moldy, it’s burns easily, plus transportation and storage costs. The time has come for paper to go.”

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