Investment and Finance Expert Paul Ebeling of “Live Trading News” Weighs In On LaneAxis

In a piece published Monday on “Live Trading News,” respected financial analyst Paul Ebeling delivered his opinion on the LaneAxis platform:

“This Virtual Freight Management network matters, because it allows the Shipper and Carrier to interact directly, without a middleman, allowing both the Shipper and the Carrier to ultimately eliminate a significant cost component in the freight transportation chain.”

Ebeling continues: “The demand in the marketplace exists for the LaneAxis solution, and LaneAxis sees an opportunity to build a vast array of offerings off of the platform to be able to produce substantial revenue and profitability both domestically and internationally. In building this ultra-efficient business solution, I expect [LaneAxis] will build a profitable, scalable enterprise that directs a disruptive change in the overall freight transportation industry in the near-term.”

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