August 9, 2016

3PLs stand to gain major efficiencies from White Labeled, fully customized and privately controlled freight network

SAN DIEGO, CA – LaneAxis, a pioneer in Virtual Freight Management, is expanding its suite of cost-saving logistics products with the introduction of “Virtual Private Network” Service (VPN). Designed primarily for Third Party Logistics providers, the VPN platform is a fully customized, white labeled, privately controlled freight network accessible via desktop and mobile app. The VPN platform gives 3PLs the power to create and control their own in-house Carrier and data network at a very low cost. LaneAxis streamlines day-to-day logistics operations by empowering 3PLs and Shippers to drill down to the Driver level for real-time core data, total shipment visibility, and complete information control.

“What we’re offering 3PLs is a true data engine and event management platform that gives them complete control over their entire process,” says Rick Burnett, LaneAxis CEO and Founder. “When you manage a large number of shipments on a day-to-day basis it’s phoning and faxing. So what LaneAxis provides is the ability for our tool to be implemented in-house so they can customize it, then we sit at the core of their data, captured down to the driver level.”

3PLs managing numerous Shippers and Carriers can utilize the Virtual Private Network service to review, groom and present real-time data to Clients/Customers in whatever format it chooses, and under its own branding. LaneAxis will custom design the desktop and mobile application to suit the information and branding needs of the Client. The Private Label service includes full LaneAxis functionality, which is based on capturing core data sets in real-time via GPS and mobile technology.

The benefits list for 3PLs is extensive:

  • GPS load tracking up to eight hours prior to pickup
  • Real-time pickup, milestone, and delivery time stamps (Via geofence)
  • Load details delivered to driver via private label app
  • Confirmation of reefer set points/unit run mode
  • Electronic documentation instantly archived (Bill of Lading, Proof of Delivery, load confirmations, accessorial receipts, permits, etc.)
  • In-transit updates, including accident reporting and photo updates
  • Create desktop portal for real-time tracking and viewing of pre-determined data sets
  • Create reports highlighting efficiency gaps for Shippers and in-house planning teams
  • FTL, LTL or LTR (Multi-pickup, multi-drop) capabilities
  • Eliminate detention time disputes
  • Manage, build and integrate in-house network of qualified Carriers
  • Automate numerous routine tasks
  • Total ownership of data
  • Available on flexible leasing option

LaneAxis’ nimble SaaS model allows it to seamlessly integrate with existing Transportation Management Systems (TMSs), as well as legacy hardware and software systems.

“Integration is not a foreign word today,” adds Burnett, a former logistics executive himself. “We’re talking about using a tool where they can essentially drive efficiencies into their own network – and then expand. As this network starts to build, Shippers and 3PLs will be able to expand their network to qualified Carriers, expand the value that they’re giving to their customers, and as the network grows there will be a massive amount of cost savings.”

VIDEO: CEO Rick Burnett on the effectiveness of LaneAxis’ Virtual Private Network


Founded by trucking and transportation vets, LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management deployed in 2015 after more than a decade of research and development. LaneAxis VFM is currently being utilized by several major Shippers, including leaders in the grocery and manufacturing sectors. The cloud-based technology is designed to help planners proactively solve potential in-transit issues before they happen. For more information, please visit