If you’re a Shipper or Manufacturer, especially one that relies on independent Carriers to move your product, ask yourself: Why is freight logistics still plagued with uncertainty and inefficiency?

Lost loads. Carrier compliance violations. Delayed or inaccurate shipment data. Isn’t this the digital age?

Technology may be catching up with trucking, but it’s barely lifted the fog of inefficiency.

LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management fixes that.

Fusing proprietary design with proven technologies, this simple-to-use app gives Shippers complete, real-time control over their freight. Easily manage your network of small-to-medium sized Carriers, which represents 97% of the trucking industry.

More benefits for Shippers:

  • Simple 3-step registration – up and running in minutes
  • No up-front costs, no software/hardware overhauls, no maintenance fee
  • Electronically assign load to Carriers – Full integration available
  • Complete load transaction transparency
  • 24/7 access to account documents
  • GPS load tracking – from “Cradle to Grave”
  • Real-time alerts when Driver leaves or enters pre-set Geofence
  • Time stamp load manifest confirmation of departure and arrival
  • All shipment documentation stored in the cloud (Bill of lading, load confirmations, Instant Proof of Delivery, pictures, etc.)
  • All records digitally saved and archived

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